DiscoverMorning Meditation for WomenMeditation: Detach From the Outcome
Meditation:  Detach From the Outcome

Meditation: Detach From the Outcome

Update: 2023-01-22


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We hold on so tightly,

To the outcomes that we want.

Our fingers squeeze around them,

And our hold locks into place. 

Our vision hones in on what’s within our grip,

And suddenly everything else is invisible.

We wait and we watch,

Counting the moments as we stare,

Completely oblivious to anything else around us.

What we don’t realize,

Is that we’re suffocating our desires, 

The tighter we hold.

And we become blind to the manifestations of our dreams,

That aren’t born inside of our fists.

So dream, sweet one,

Visualize and hope,

And take action every single day.

But peel back those fingers, 

And loosen that grip.

Widen your gaze,

And detach from the outcome.

So creativity can flow,

And you can breathe.


  1. What outcomes are you holding onto so tightly? 

  2. What does it feel like to detach?



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Meditation:  Detach From the Outcome

Meditation: Detach From the Outcome

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