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Meditation:  Release the Anger

Meditation: Release the Anger

Update: 2023-01-263


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Breathe, my love,

And bring your attention inside.

Deep into your body, 

And away from the tornado of anger spinning in your mind. 

Nestle safely into the silence here,

As you watch from afar,

The energy anger creates. 

The constant chatter of the mind,

The tight clenching of your muscles,

The rising bubbles of red lava bursting from your skin.

Observe the anger, dear one,

And recognize your distance from it right now.

Let it roar on outside of you,

As you breathe yourself deep into the comfort of your stillness.


Before Bed

  1. Why are you angry? 

  2. What are you finding underneath the anger? 

In the Morning

  1. What does your anger have to teach you?

  2. What are 2 things you’re grateful for today?



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Meditation:  Release the Anger

Meditation: Release the Anger

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