Discover12 Hour Sound Machines for Sleep (no loops or fades)Pink Noise + Hailstorm Sound Machine (12 Hours)
Pink Noise + Hailstorm Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Pink Noise + Hailstorm Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Update: 2023-05-12


Our beloved Pink Noise combined with a soothing hailstorm and thunder.

Pink Noise is a combination of White Noise and Brown Noise. They are overlaid on top of one another to gain the benefits of both the higher frequencies typically used more for sound cancellation, and the lower frequencies which tend to be more soothing for sensitive ears. Its soothing, calming, constant tones are wonderful for helping adults and babies alike to fall and stay asleep, for study, for meditation, for managing anxiety, or for any other activities where you want to block out the world and focus solely on the task at hand. It also has incredible sound masking properties for use in distracting and noisy environments!


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Pink Noise + Hailstorm Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Pink Noise + Hailstorm Sound Machine (12 Hours)

12 Hour Sound Machines for Sleep | Achieve Restful Sleep, Soothe a Baby, Mask Unwanted Noise, Calm Your Anxiety