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Planetary Parallels from the 1960s

Planetary Parallels from the 1960s

Update: 2024-03-23


Episode 6

In this podcast, professional astrologers Chani Nicholas, Thea Anderson, and Eliza Robertson look to the sky to make sense of what’s happening here on Earth.

This episode brings you into the astrological group chat to talk through the ways that recent and upcoming transits mirror the events of the mid-to-late 1960s. Covering everything from how the lunar nodes (and eclipses) in Aries and Libra have coincided with violence and anti-war movements to the ways that the rare conjunctions of Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun in Pisces have reverberated themes of sacrifice and martyrdom, it breaks down how these astro events have manifested in history and explores how they could continue to land this time around. Plus, it includes tips on how to work with the astrology as it unfolds.

Content warning: suicide and genocide


(00:00 ) - Welcome to Down to Astro episode 6

(00:21 ) - Introduction to the parallels of astrology through history

(05:35 ) - The North Node in Aries, the South Node in Libra, and eclipses today and in the 1960s

(14:15 ) - The United States’ Chiron return conjunct this season’s eclipses

(15:19 ) - Chiron, the North Node, eclipses, cazimis, and honoring the life of Aaron Bushnell (content warning: suicide)

(17:50 ) - The similarities in the astrology surrounding Aaron Bushnell’s act of protest in February of 2024 and Alice Herz’ act of protest in 1965 (content warning: suicide and genocide)

(23:55 ) - The Saturn–Mercury–Sun conjunction and the “uncommitted” vote in the United States’ Democratic Presidential primary election in Michigan

(25:28 ) - Saturn in Pisces moving into Aries and the parallels to that transit in the 1960s

(32:22 ) - Mars aspecting the nodes of the Moon (content warning: genocide)

(34:22 ) - The lunar nodes and eclipses in Aries and Libra, affirmative action, and civil rights 

(45:10 ) - Venus and Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (content warning: genocide)

(46:10 ) - The Uranus–Pluto conjunction in the 1960s, the current Uranus–Pluto whole sign square, and the arms and space races of these times plus the upcoming Jupiter / Uranus conjunction in Taurus

(54:30 ) - The beginning of this eclipse season, the March 25th lunar eclipse in Libra, and the April 8th solar eclipse in Aries, plus the Mercury retrograde beginning on April 1st

(57:50 ) - Mars in Aquarius’ whole sign square to Uranus, ingress into Pisces, and upcoming Saturn conjunction

(58:43 ) - Tips for navigating all of the upcoming astrology

(60:49 ) - Using technology as a tool for mobilization, resistance, and boycotts

(62:27 ) - More tips for navigating the upcoming astrology

(66:11 ) - Episode 6 wrap-up

This episode was recorded on 3/15/24, before the US drafted a resolution to the UN calling for a six-week ceasefire in Gaza.

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The song “Midas,” featured in the podcast, was created by NISHA and is available wherever you listen to music.

This episode also mentioned the following creative works:

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Planetary Parallels from the 1960s

Planetary Parallels from the 1960s

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