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Protests, Galas, & Political Flashbacks

Protests, Galas, & Political Flashbacks

Update: 2024-05-17


Episode 7

In this podcast, professional astrologers Chani Nicholas, Thea Anderson, and Eliza Robertson look to the sky to make sense of what’s happening here on Earth.

This episode brings you into the astrological group chat to talk through how the recent eclipses and Jupiter–Uranus conjunction landed IRL. From the ongoing student protests (and violent backlash) to the discord surrounding the exorbitant Met Gala, we look at how these astrological events manifested in the collective. Plus, we give you a preview of what’s coming next. It’s practical. It’s chatty. And it grounds the current astrology in everyday life.

Content warning: police violence


(00:00:00 ) - Welcome to Down to Astro episode 7

(00:01:49 ) - Overview of eclipse season and the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction in relation to student protests and anti-war movements

(00:09:23 ) - Timeline of student protests at Columbia University and how the astrology aligned

(00:13:25 ) - Events that occurred the last time Jupiter was in Taurus, including Occupy Wall Street

(00:17:04 ) - Events that occurred the last time Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct, including the Arab Spring

(00:18:44 ) - The 2024 and 1968 protests at Hind’s Hall

(00:20:46 ) - Saturn in Aries, extreme punishment, and divesting from carceral systems

(00:23:18 ) - The legality of the student protests in response to the genocide in Gaza

(00:25:19 ) - The balm of Jupiter conjunct Uranus

(00:27:36 ) - Macklemore’s song “Hind’s Hall” and the public perception of celebrity wealth amid genocide

(00:29:08 ) - Jupiter in Taurus, the Met Gala, and the Hunger Games

(00:31:43 ) - Pluto in Aquarius, the French Revolution, and “haleyybaylee”

(00:32:43 ) - Ways celebrities can help people in Gaza: Operation Olive Branch

(00:33:23 ) - #Blockout2024 and the “digital guillotine” movement compared to literal guillotines of the French Revolution

(00:35:34 ) - How astrology and social movements are seeded in the past but continue to sprout in the future

(00:36:59 ) - The perception of wealth inequality and the responsibility of people in power to create positive social change

(00:42:16 ) - Different models of uprising: TikTok, Mercury and Chiron near the North Node, and in-person protests

(00:44:47 ) - The impact of TikTok, X, and other digital spaces for social organizing

(00:47:46 ) - Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini, the sign of the twins, amid talks of a two-state solution

(00:53:29 ) - Student protests at the Democratic National Convention

(00:58:59 ) - Politicians’ recent and historical responses to protests

(01:04:09 ) - The anti-apartheid protest at Hind’s Hall in 1985 and Mars’ conjunction with the North Node

(01:06:54 ) - How Pluto functions in fire signs and impacts each generation’s drive to create change

(01:08:49 ) - Jupitarian homework: working with hope as a practice

(01:11:11 ) - Jupiter in Gemini predictions

(01:17:48 ) - Personal stories about travel during difficult astrology

(01:19:35 ) - Episode 7 wrap-up

This episode was recorded on 5/13/24.

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Protests, Galas, & Political Flashbacks

Protests, Galas, & Political Flashbacks

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