Play Is Serious Business!

Play Is Serious Business!

Update: 2023-11-15


Nurturing Hungry Little Minds through Play

This episode delves into why play is much more than just fun for toddlers - it's essential for their mental and emotional development.
Key Topics Covered:
  - The developmental significance of play for growing minds and hearts.
  - Debunking the myth that expensive, high-tech toys are necessary for child development.
  - Encouraging independent play and its benefits in fostering self-reliance and creativity.

Practical Tips:
  - Ideas for encouraging independent play, like creating a safe play space (the 'Yay Place') and choosing versatile, imagination-inspiring toys.
  - Understanding that high-tech toys may not always be the best choice for fostering creativity.

Listener Question:
Addressing Tanya's concern about her 2-year-old's behavior during time-outs, with an introduction to the E.A.S.Y. method for managing misbehavior.

Stay tuned for more insights on making the most of your child's playtime and nurturing their development in a fun and engaging way!

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Play Is Serious Business!

Play Is Serious Business!

Dr. Cathryn