Discover12 Hour Sound Machines for Sleep (no loops or fades)Rain on a Metal Roof Sound Machine (12 Hours)
Rain on a Metal Roof Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Rain on a Metal Roof Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Update: 2023-11-17


Solitude – craving it brought you to this remote place. You enjoy being alone under stormy skies, free to spend time with your own thoughts, just listening to the rhythm of the rain on the roof. Focusing, you identify the hollow metallic plink of individual drops. You hear the difference between the torrent rushing through the downspout and the rain dripping from the eaves. How is it that you’ve never noticed these sounds before? Each drop tapping overhead is unique, but together they form a melody that embraces you, soothing your soul. Whirling thoughts become measured and time is unhurried. Your solitude has arrived.


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Rain on a Metal Roof Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Rain on a Metal Roof Sound Machine (12 Hours)

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