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Reverse Aging and Live Longer with Bryan Johnson

Reverse Aging and Live Longer with Bryan Johnson

Update: 2024-04-032


#165: Bryan Johnson shares takeaways from his $2M longevity project, Blueprint. He and Chris discuss ways to utilize the power of sleep, food, supplements, and fitness to help reverse the aging process and achieve optimal health. They also discuss zeroth principle thinking and the future of medical interventions.

Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer and author. He’s currently the Founder/CEO Blueprint, Kernel and OS Fund. In 2013, he sold his company Braintree Venmo to PayPal for $800 million.

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Resources Mentioned

Bryan Johnson: Website | YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter

Blueprint Protocol

Blueprint Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Oura Ring

DunedinPACE Algorithm: TruAge PACE

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Full Show Notes

(02:50 ) Why ‘Don't Die’?

(05:38 ) Zeroth Principle Thinking

(09:16 ) Structuring Life Around 'Don't Die’

(13:30 ) Examples of Popular Zeroth Principle Discoveries

(16:24 ) How Bryan Is Utilizing Super Intelligence

(21:56 ) Bryan's Biggest Takeaway From Blueprint

(25:25 ) Surprises That Came Out of Blueprint

(26:02 ) Biological Age Vs. Chronological Age

(28:34 ) Why Sleep Is the Most Important Factor in Life

(30:40 ) The Role of Food in Longevity

(33:28 ) Foods Worth The Nutritional & Caloric Value

(34:53 ) The Power of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(41:10 ) Supplements in The Blueprint Protocol

(42:51 ) Types of Biomarker Measurements

(44:33 ) The Importance of Fitness & Types of Exercise

(47:07 ) Everyday Actions to Increase Longevity

(49:43 ) Does Bryan Ever Get Sick?

(50:30 ) The Future of Medical Interventions

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Reverse Aging and Live Longer with Bryan Johnson

Reverse Aging and Live Longer with Bryan Johnson

Chris Hutchins