DiscoverGood Inside with Dr. BeckyRevisit: Is It Okay To Quit?
Revisit: Is It Okay To Quit?

Revisit: Is It Okay To Quit?

Update: 2023-08-011


This is a repeat of an earlier episode. Whether it's sleep-away camp, soccer team, or piano lessons the decision to let your child just "quit" can be a tough choice to make. You question: did you do the right thing? Should you have pushed them to stick it out? Will this be an indicator of how the rest of their life is going to go? Deep breath, we are all in this together. In this episode, Dr. Becky talks it through with a mom who is questioning her decision about summer camp. Is it more important to have them stick to their commitments or better to prioritize our relationship with them?

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Revisit: Is It Okay To Quit?

Revisit: Is It Okay To Quit?

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