DiscoverGood Inside with Dr. BeckyRevisit - Tantrums Trigger Me
Revisit - Tantrums Trigger Me

Revisit - Tantrums Trigger Me

Update: 2023-10-312


This is a repeat of an earlier episode. Meltdowns.... they seem to always happen at the absolute wrong time or worse yet in the most public of ways. Whether it's too much sugar, not enough sleep, or just a phase doesn't really matter when we as parents are just trying to get from point A to point B. Dr. Becky talks to a father of two young girls who remembers the lessons of his childhood, a time when there were things to cry about and not getting exactly what you wanted was not one of them. So how can he do it differently and not feel so triggered by his daughter's behavior? Let's get into it. 

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Revisit - Tantrums Trigger Me

Revisit - Tantrums Trigger Me

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