DiscoverSomething Was WrongS1 E3: Maple & Finn
S1 E3: Maple & Finn

S1 E3: Maple & Finn

Update: 2019-01-2715


Sara discovers something terrifying about her Fiance.

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I did not realize that I would have any reason to dislike or distrust the sister Emily. But she is a jerk who actively disliked a dog, and was vocal about it. I had thought she was a very wise person who had the gift of insight, but she is just a judgemental jerk who happened to be right for once, in her assessment of what turns out to be a truly horrible person. what I thought was remarkable insight is turning out to be the mark of what is far more common: a person who judges and categorizes and criticizes and complains about everyone and everything she comes across.

Feb 18th

Neatz Davis

Nope. That was really hard to listen to. We have a rescue frenchie who would habe been put down if my son hadn't formed an almost instant bond with him. He was helping a trainer who a french bulldog rescue organisation had turned to as a last resort and for unknown reasons Iggy (formerly known as Piggy) let my son pick him up and just be with him when no one else could. He had so many triggers, you couldn't walk close by him without him attacking your feet which hurts my heart so much because he came from a d.v home where the arsehole would kick him out of nowhere, so hard he would fly through the air and his owner, who was lovely, would let him get away with everything because she felt so much guilt. My son is still the only one who he'll let pick him up because the arsehole would pick him up and throw him against walls. Theres so much more but I'll leave it at that, I will say that everyone was extremely surprised that iggy connected so strongly with a male but he chose right, he wil

Jan 18th
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Tina Parent

This show brings back many emotional feelings. 😢

Dec 16th








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S1 E3: Maple & Finn

S1 E3: Maple & Finn