DiscoverPossibleSal Khan on the future of K-12 education
Sal Khan on the future of K-12 education

Sal Khan on the future of K-12 education

Update: 2024-01-10


What if every learner on the planet had access to a world-class education? This week’s guest has an impressive track record of using technology to make that dream a reality. Sal Khan is the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, an education nonprofit whose pioneering digital tools support K-12 students everywhere, along with parents, teachers, and school districts. In this episode, Sal discusses how technology widens access to education and creates more meaningful learning experiences. He also shares his experience helping train Chat-GPT and speaks to why, 15 years after launching Khan Academy, he has decided to go all in on AI.

Plus, a special guest joins the podcast to demo Khan Academy’s new AI chatbot tutor, Khanmigo. 

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5:26 - Hellos and intros 

7:51 - What has changed in education technology in the past 15 years

13:24 - Khan Academy’s new AI guide, Khanmigo

18:59 - Khanmigo demonstration

21:37 - How teachers can incorporate AI into their classrooms

29:15 - AI in the classroom in North Ward, Newark, NJ

33:13 - How to make remote learning engaging

37:01 - How education technology in the U.S. compares to other countries 

42:43 - How the use of AI in the classroom will expand in the future

47:28 - Rapidfire questions

The award-winning Possible podcast is back with a new season that sketches out the brightest version of the future—and what it will take to get there. Most of all, it asks: what if, in the future, everything breaks humanity's way? Tune in for grounded and speculative takes on how technology—and, in particular, AI—is inspiring change and transforming the future. 

This season, hosts Reid Hoffman and Aria Finger are speaking with a new set of ambitious builders and deep thinkers about everything from art to geopolitics and from healthcare to education. These conversations also showcase another kind of guest: AI. Whether it's Inflection’s Pi, OpenAI’s ChatGPT or other AI tools, each episode will use AI to enhance and advance our discussion. 

Possible is produced by Wonder Media Network and hosted by Reid Hoffman and Aria Finger. Our showrunner is Shaun Young. Possible is produced by Edie Allard, Sara Schleede, and Paloma Moreno Jiménez. Jenny Kaplan is our executive Producer and editor. Special thanks to Katie Sanders, Surya Yalamanchili, Saida Sapieva, Ian Alas, Greg Beato, Ben Relles, Stacey Olson, and Little Monster Media Company. 









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Sal Khan on the future of K-12 education

Sal Khan on the future of K-12 education

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