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Savage Lovecast Episode 852

Savage Lovecast Episode 852

Update: 2023-02-213


How do you organize a sex party with your pals- without it being awkward? 

Meanwhile, a woman asked her male friend to join her at a swingers hotel takeover. But she has a crush on him, and now regrets asking him to go. Should she bow out? 

On the Magnum, sometimes you need a pelvic floor specialist, am I right? Dan revisits the question of the man who asked if he should surprise his wife with a vibrator after she gave birth, to try to rekindle her sexual desire. Dr. Rachel Gelman, pelvic floor specialist is on to chat about this and a pussy juice mystery. 

Finally, it’s label time! What do you call a straight couple that wants to bring in other people to sleep with, but that they also like a lot? What color is this flag? 

You guys. We’re running out of colors. 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 852

Savage Lovecast Episode 852

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