DiscoverConcurrently: The News Coach PodcastSchool choice and abundant grace (with Amy Auten)
School choice and abundant grace (with Amy Auten)

School choice and abundant grace (with Amy Auten)

Update: 2023-09-13


Public school? Private school? Homeschool? School choice can feel daunting and guilt-ridden. Today we’re joined by Amy Auten to look back at our own school experiences and point to God’s abundant grace.


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Further Resources:

Failure has been a hot topic in an interdisciplinary sense for over a decade. These four sources come from three different sectors: education, ministry, and business. Each have excellent material to add to the conversation:

·      Listen to our previous conversation with Amy Auten, “Suffering with redemptive intention.”

·      Read “What I’ve Learned About School Choice” by Winfree Bisley at the Gospel Coalition.

·      Watch the TGC Good Faith Debate “Should Christian Parents Send Their Children to Public Schools?”


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School choice and abundant grace (with Amy Auten)

School choice and abundant grace (with Amy Auten)

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