DiscoverThe Excellence Project with Eric WorreSocial Media Strategies for Network Marketing in 2023 with John & Nadya Melton
Social Media Strategies for Network Marketing in 2023 with John & Nadya Melton

Social Media Strategies for Network Marketing in 2023 with John & Nadya Melton

Update: 2023-10-022


Join us in this episode of “The Excellence Project” as Eric Worre interviews John and Nadya Melton, two remarkable Network Marketing leaders and social media experts. Discover their inspiring journey from traditional methods to the dynamic world of online marketing, where they share invaluable insights on building a personal brand and finding prospects in the Network Marketing industry.

John and Nadya discuss their early challenges, their shift to online marketing, and how video marketing became a game-changer during challenging times. They emphasize the lasting power of personal branding and networking in Network Marketing. In this fast-paced digital age, they also provide practical tips to stay current, engage with your audience, and take control of your online presence.

Tune in and learn how to leverage the potential of social media effectively to create opportunities, financial stability, and a thriving Network Marketing career!


John and Nadya Melton are experienced network marketers who have earned seven figures over 15 years. They're top leaders in their company, with a Facebook following of 75,000 and having recruited 1,500 people. They specialize in teaching social media strategies for attracting prospects and customers. They shifted to social media after realizing traditional methods impacted their personal lives. Their online success allowed them to enjoy life, travel, and help others succeed. They've learned from and coached industry leaders, making them experts in helping entrepreneurs succeed.


  • John and Nadya Melton journey from traditional to online Network Marketing

  • The importance of personal branding online to attract prospects

  • How video marketing transformed their business during tough times

  • Understanding the enduring value of personal branding in Network Marketing

  • Tips on using social media effectively for networking and growth

  • Staying current in the digital business landscape

  • Taking control of your online brand-building journey


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John & Nadya Melton IG 👉

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  • 00:00 : Intro

  • 00:34 : Introduction to John and Nadya Melton

  • 01:03 : How John and Nadya met through Network Marketing

  • 03:47 : Cultural differences and accents

  • 06:46 : Overcoming fears and maximizing social media strategies

  • 10:00 : Story about a team member who struggled with presentations

  • 12:30 : Network Marketing journey and industry changes

  • 15:35 : Eric’s “whatever it takes” mentality story

  • 21:17 : Nadya’s journey of overcoming obstacles and building a successful career

  • 26:07 : Experience in the mortgage industry

  • 29:55 : Resilience during an economic downturn

  • 31:26 : Transitioning to the internet and starting to make six figures in Network Marketing

  • 34:13 : Eric’s quick story in the early 2000s

  • 37:12 : Transitioning from Network Marketing to online business

  • 46:56 : Vemma's shutdown and the importance of professionalism in the industry

  • 51:19 : The importance of building an audience

  • 54:13 : Building a personal brand and recruiting for success

  • 57:07 : The importance of expanding your network

  • 1:02:58 : Using humor and creativity on social media

  • 1:06:59 : The importance of consistency, value, and fun in the content

  • 1:10:38 : Creating valuable content for social media platforms

  • 1:13:36 : Building trust with the audience by engaging in both marketing and prospecting

  • 1:16:21 : The importance of posting content

  • 1:20:15 : The importance of building confidence

  • 1:22:05 : Keep it simple!

  • 1:24:55 : The two big takeaways

  • 1:26:38 : The value of being approachable and relatable on social media

  • 1:29:56 : Mining connections for value and expansion

  • 1:30:29 : We’d love to hear from you!

  • 1:30:55 : END

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Social Media Strategies for Network Marketing in 2023 with John & Nadya Melton

Social Media Strategies for Network Marketing in 2023 with John & Nadya Melton

Eric Worre