DiscoverThe Big Boo CastThe Big Boo Cast, Episode 312
The Big Boo Cast, Episode 312

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 312

Update: 2022-11-17


Guess what, everyone? IT'S BASKETBALL SEASON NOW. As you can imagine, that is a source of comfort and hope for Melanie and me after our teams had a not-great football weekend. We talk about all the not-great stuff, along with Side Eyes and I See Yous. And much to our delight, this week has given us the Yellowstone season 5 premier, so we break down the non-spoiler-y latest with the Duttons - as well as digging into some other things we've been watching and reading.

We also talk through Melanie's (general) reactions to our Patreon book club book (spoiler alert: we both ADORE IT), and it's my turn for Five Favorites.

Enjoy, everybody!

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Show Notes:

- Texas A&M / Auburn

- Mississippi State / Georgia

- Aggies' Veterans' Day hoodies

- Aggies' Veterans' Day hats

- Cadillac Williams

- At Home in Birmingham

- Fresh Balsam candles from Bath & Body Works

- our Costco birch tree

- Yellowstone on Paramount

- Shane Smith & the Saints

- The Crown on Netflix

- Severance on AppleTV+

- Dispatches from Pluto by Richard Grant

- Into the Wild Light by Jeff Zentner

- TOMS Marlo booties

- necklace extenders

- Ashland 7-foot cashmere pencil tree

- Anthropologie tuxedo shirt

- rechargeable candle lighter


- Lomi (use code BIGBOO for $50 off)

- Storyworth (use this link for $10 on your first purchase)

- Noom (use this link to sign up for your trial)

- Helix (use this link for up to $200 your mattress order and two free pillows)

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The Big Boo Cast, Episode 312

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 312

Melanie Shankle & Sophie Hudson