DiscoverThe Big Boo CastThe Big Boo Cast, Episode 316
The Big Boo Cast, Episode 316

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 316

Update: 2022-12-15


As you can imagine, Melanie and I were heartbroken to hear about Coach Mike Leach's death earlier this week. We actually recorded this episode before he passed away, so we talk about a lot of the stuff you might expect: Melanie's hunting wardrobe, the trip that David and I took last week, A&M's continued search for an offensive coordinator, and our thoughts about the college kids coming home for Christmas break. All fun things - and it's my turn for Five Favorites.

There's also a special little something at the very end. 

Let's continue to pray for the Leach family - as well as for the Mississippi State football team and coaches. Coach Leach was a treasure, and we lost him way too soon.

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Show Notes:

- Mike Leach

- Viking Cruises

- Monoprix (this is where Jamie and I hit the beauty product gold mine)

- La Sagrada Familia

- Free People long Ruby jacket

- Pilcro longline plaid buttondown

- Smart Travel inflatable lumbar pillow

- Diva room spray

- Wondershop gift wrap at Target

- Our podcast episode with Coach Leach


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The Big Boo Cast, Episode 316

The Big Boo Cast, Episode 316

Melanie Shankle & Sophie Hudson