DiscoverHigh BrowThe Mythology of Quiet Luxury (with Amanda Mull)
The Mythology of Quiet Luxury (with Amanda Mull)

The Mythology of Quiet Luxury (with Amanda Mull)

Update: 2023-06-07


This is the director's cut episode for Mina's how do rich people actually dress? video, with explorations on hypergamy, cosplaying as poor, and a special interview with Amanda Mull on the mythology of quiet luxury!

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Changing patterns of conspicuous consumption: Media representations of luxury in second homes by Trudie Walters  

African American Dress by Helen Bradley Foster

The Structure of Indian Society: Then and Now By A.M. Shah

Alimony panic, gold diggers, and the cultural foundations of early twentieth-century marriage reform in the United States by Brian L Donovan

How the Great Recession influenced a decade of design

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I Tried Steve Jobs' Productivity Hack to Reduce My Decision Fatigue

Fashion and the Evolving Vision of of Workwear | Grailed

Carhartt Is the Uniform of Both the Right and the Left - Racked

‘Funny’ and unreal: How blue-collar workers feel about workwear as fashion

Written by Mina Le, Ella Gray, and Sophie Carter

Edited by Sophie Carter

Music by Olivia Martinez

Cover by Lindsay Mintz 









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The Mythology of Quiet Luxury (with Amanda Mull)

The Mythology of Quiet Luxury (with Amanda Mull)

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