DiscoverHigh Browin offense of modern farmhouse!!!
in offense of modern farmhouse!!!

in offense of modern farmhouse!!!

Update: 2023-08-23


The director's cut version of Mina's the circus of celebrity house tours video. In this extended version, she discusses the modern farmhouse hgtv agenda, landlord-core, and celebrity property feuds, spurred on by your answers to the question "what is the ugliest interior design trend?"

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Residence of MR. And MRS. MICKEY ROONEY — Beverly Hills, California | Architectural Digest | SEPTEMBER 1964

A Tour of the White House

Mary Ann Watson (1988). The Presidency in a Bicentennial and Quadrennial Election Year || A Tour of the White House: Mystique and Tradition. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 18(1), 91–99. doi:10.2307/27550536 

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03 Apr 1963 - MONACO...with Princess Crace as guide - Trove

A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Things You Didn’t Know About "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous: Influential Reality TV | TIME

The Unshakable Allure of the Celebrity House Tour

Robin Leach's 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' paved the way for 'MTV Cribs' and the Kardashians - The Washington Post

How Russia's Shared Kitchens Helped Shape Soviet Politics : The Salt : NPR

Stargazing: Celebrity, Fame, and Social Interaction By Kerry O. Ferris, Scott R. Harris

Greta Garbo: Hollywood's Most Mysterious Star - Variety

The Streisand Effect: When censorship backfires - BBC News

Cribs turns 20! We look back at the MTV series' most ridiculous homes

20 Most Ridiculous Things Seen On MTV Cribs

Inside Grey Gardens With Gail Sheehy -- New York Magazine - Nymag

The tragedy of Grey Gardens: was the landmark documentary actually an exploitation movie?

Grey Gardens Original Documentary Trailer

We Need to Talk About David Harbour and Lily Allen's Bathroom

Inside RuPaul’s Dramatically Glamorous Beverly Hills Manse | Architectural Digest

WATCH: Bretman Rock House, Beauty Room + Closet Storage Tour

The story of the shopping mall in Barbara Streisand's house

Merchandizing the Void - Dilettante Army

The Modern Farmhouse Is Today’s McMansion. And It’s Here to Stay. - The New York Times

Modern Farmhouse: The Style That’s Not Real, But Really Popular

Same House, New Costume

What Is It Like to Be a Late-Night Talk Show Guest?

A brief history of the many lies celebrities told on MTV Cribs

Redman: MTV Tried to Get Me to Rent a House for "Cribs"

EP#7: Redman's Legendary New York Yard | MTV Cribs Collections

Redman Shares All of the Hilarious Details Behind the Funniest Episode of ‘MTV Cribs’ Ever |

Two Truths & A Lime: Pulling Apart Dakota Johnson's Glorious Web Of Lies

Why does the internet love tree law so much?

Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page & Robbie Williams End Mansion Feud

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Silence is golden for Robbie Williams as he employs builders using '19th century hand-tools' to keep noise down during renovation after row with neighbour Jimmy Page over impact of work

A nun begged Katy Perry not to buy her convent — then collapsed and died - The Washington Post 

Inside the Katy Perry Convent That Sparked a Real Estate War: Never-Before-Seen Photos

Katy Perry Is Finding Herself in Another Complicated Legal Battle Over Real Estate

Written by Mina Le and Ella Gray

Edited by Sophie Carter

Music by Olivia Martinez

Cover Art by Lindsay Mintz








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in offense of modern farmhouse!!!

in offense of modern farmhouse!!!

High Brow