DiscoverPositive LeadershipThe Power of Bravery (with Reshma Saujani)
The Power of Bravery (with Reshma Saujani)

The Power of Bravery (with Reshma Saujani)

Update: 2023-01-189


Reshma Saujani builds social movements by telling other people's stories. Because in her mind, when people feel seen, and not alone, they can connect to a bigger goal and work towards it.

In the latest episode of the Positive Leadership podcast, JP speaks to the founder of Girls Who Code and the Marshall Plan for Mums about the practical steps you can take to start your own social impact movement.

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Tara Echeverry

As a mom of 4 daughters, this podcast had me so excited and so let down, all at once... Excited, for the possibilities my daughters have as they grow and the decisions they will have to make in their lives. There are many more options available to them than there were to me, thanks to programs that Reshma, for example, has created for girls! That's awesome. Let down, because of the focus on our culture needing to allow women to do everything at once and viewing child-bearing is a financial decision. No person can, nor should, do everything at once. This is especially true for women, who are many times taught this is the expectation. If a woman decides to get pregnant, I feel it should be with the expectation of raising up an awesome, successful, innovative, and joyful human being; not with the thought, 'Can I/we afford this?' (Don't worry, I know that's a thought, but it should not be the focus). If finances are our main focus, then Reshma's outlook stands: The government should give every woman paid daycare, because we are then, just baby makers, and the expectation is to have babysitters/nannies raise our next generation. (Bless all the babysitters and nannies, no slack to you at all!). On the other hand, if our focus is actually on the babies we are birthing - the families we are starting - then this is the outlook we need: Government funded (preferably 4-6mos) maternity leave so families can decide which parent will work to raise the children, and which one will work to raise money. If both parents prefer to work to raise money, then childcare funds should not need to be subsidized or government-funded. I realize there are single-parent families, for whom this model may not work, but hear me out...if our focus is on raising up our families with loving care and kindness, and actually taking the time to do that, then it will be second nature to help and encourage each other in tough situations instead of shun and shame. For now, for single-parent families, educational programs, therapy (for them and their extended families), and temporary childcare assistance to get them financially stable and independent would be priceless.

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The Power of Bravery (with Reshma Saujani)

The Power of Bravery (with Reshma Saujani)

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