DiscoverOptometry: The Ultimate O.D.The Power of the Mind - E92
The Power of the Mind - E92

The Power of the Mind - E92

Update: 2022-04-14


The Power of the Mind - E92

Highlights from this episode:

The Power of Mindset (00:36 )

Office Talk: How to compete with corporate optical (15:28 )

Now that we are done with the CEO Mindset series, it's on to how powerful our minds really are. In this episode we discuss some studies done regarding the placebo effect and how mind over matter can make a significant difference in experiences. Check this one out, it may just change your perspective on a lot of areas of your life! (00:36 )

In today's office talk, we are discussing the possible issues with the advice some ODs gave regarding how to compete with the corporate chains' optical. Hear why we don't necessarily agree with their take and what actually might be a better approach coming from a private practice. (15:28 )

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The Power of the Mind - E92

The Power of the Mind - E92

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