DiscoverRight About Now with Ryan AlfordThe Secrets Behind Making Millions with Jamil Damji
The Secrets Behind Making Millions with Jamil Damji

The Secrets Behind Making Millions with Jamil Damji

Update: 2024-06-111



  • Jamil's journey and experiences in real estate
  • Pivotal moments that shaped Jamil's career
  • Challenges faced by Jamil, including struggles with alcoholism and addiction
  • The importance of self-discovery and making internal changes for personal and professional growth
  • Jamil's commitment to authenticity and integrity in his work
  • Jamil's intention to self-produce a show focused on solving real-world problems in the real estate industry
  • The societal impact of the real estate industry and the responsibility of real estate professionals
  • The power of television as a medium for reaching a wider audience and increasing awareness
  • Jamil's coaching and mentoring activities in the real estate industry
  • Jamil's efforts to address homelessness and housing affordability through sustainable solutions


The journey in real estate (00:00:00 ) Jamil's perspective on inspiring others and taking responsibility for their actions.

Life and work balance (00:01:15 ) Jamil's current lifestyle, including his primary residences and time spent with family.

Getting started in real estate (00:03:50 ) Jamil's accidental entry into real estate and his rejection of predetermined paths.

Wholesaling and its challenges (00:06:45 ) The story of Jamil's first wholesale transaction and the challenges he faced.

Rejecting hopelessness and making choices (00:10:37 ) Jamil's view on making different choices and not succumbing to hopelessness.

Self-discovery and personal growth (00:14:44 ) Jamil's struggle with addiction, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

Success as an inside job (00:16:53 ) Jamil's belief in success originating from within and his holistic transformation.

The impact of the TV show "Triple Digit Flip" (00:19:39 ) Jamil's experience with the A&E show "Triple Digit Flip" and the reasons for declining further episodes.

TV Show Authenticity (00:22:24 ) Jamil discusses his commitment to authenticity and refusal to dramatize events for television.

Self-Produced Show (00:23:18 ) Jamil and his partner plan to self-produce a show to address societal issues related to real estate.

Solving Real Estate Problems (00:24:13 ) Jamil shares his intention to help vulnerable people impacted by real estate challenges through education and support.

Challenges with TV Show Concept (00:26:27 ) Jamil discusses the resistance and feedback received when pitching their show concept to a network.

Power of Television (00:28:58 ) The conversation shifts to the significance and impact of television as a medium for reaching a wider audience.

Building Relationships in Real Estate (00:31:22 ) Jamil explains his approach to building a successful wholesale real estate business through relationship-based techniques.

Addressing Homelessness and Housing (00:37:32 ) Jamil shares his experiences with homelessness and his efforts to provide low-income housing solutions.

Co-Living Rental Model (00:41:38 ) Jamil discusses his pivot from short-term rentals to co-living models, aiming to provide affordable housing with dignity.

Keeping Up with Jamil's Projects (00:43:59 ) Information on where to follow Jamil's projects and contact him for further engagement.

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The Secrets Behind Making Millions with Jamil Damji

The Secrets Behind Making Millions with Jamil Damji

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