The Slow 60

The Slow 60

Update: 2023-11-143


Last month, I announced my Slow 60 Challenge in an attempt to minimize anxiety and unnecessary stress in my life. Maybe you’ve probably heard of the “Hard 75 Challenge” - my Slow 60 is completely the opposite. This week on the podcast, I talk to Penn about my Slow 60 Challenge and how I am doing with it. While I haven’t been able to achieve my goals everyday, I don’t get too hung up if I slip. I make a promise to myself to try again tomorrow. 

In America, we live in a society that values busyness constantly. It’s led me to ask if it is even possible to live a slower life. Are you working full-time, raising kids full-time, and been able to discover the secret? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me how you “slow” :) Call 323-364-3929 or email us at

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Kim and Penn are online content creators known for their award-winning videos, including original music, song parodies, and comedy sketches. Their videos have resulted in over 2 billion views and 8 million followers across their social media platforms since they (accidentally) went viral in 2013. They have a best-selling book on marriage communication, a top-rated podcast, a fun-filled family card game, and most recently, they were the winners on Season 33 of The Amazing Race.

The Holderness Family Podcast is edited and engineered by Max Trujillo of Trujillo Media and produced by Ann Marie Taepke, Sam Pressman, and Ashley Cimino.

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The Slow 60

The Slow 60