DiscoverUp and VanishedThe Trial of Ryan Duke: Part 5
The Trial of Ryan Duke: Part 5

The Trial of Ryan Duke: Part 5

Update: 2022-05-2512


The Up and Vanished team is back on the ground in Ocilla for the highly anticipated trial of Ryan Duke. The jury has reached a verdict and the judge sentences Ryan Duke.

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Jason Ramirez

what is this BS? The man didn't kill her, he didn't even put her on fire. These people wanted to act like Tera was an angel when she wasn't.

Feb 28th


Am I missing something? I could have sworn Ryan's confession was a false confession and there was zero evidence of him bring in or around Tara's house? I believe he assisted Bo but wasn't single handedly the one to commit the murder. Maybe I need to relisten to the season followed up with the trial.

Jun 10th

lisa bradford

I feel like justice FOR ONCE was served. I. COMPLETELY DISGUSTED BY THE statements from the D.A. He said there is no evidence that Bo "Piece of Garbage" Dukes committed the murder, save the "self serving" testimony of Ryan Duke,. how about the kidnapping and assault of the 2 women just 2 yrs ago? how about the soldier that was in boot camp with Bo who he confessed to so many years ago, and who tried to submit the tip to police? I guess the D.A.'s are all employees by the state aka the Duke family since his grandpa is a senator and the best career move for an employee of the state is to perpetuate lies to cover the shame and poor behavior of the Senators grandbaby. I am disgusted they can live with themselves after perpetuating such oblivious mistruths. As for me, I am in tears of joy and relief that Ryan was heard. He did what God says to do, to tell the truth and he humbly and with such self loathing told the story and it shows on his face and in his words that he suffers every day for being even a small part of this tragedy. He has a track record of telling the truth, when the stakes are high, bc he told the truth and turned himself in when he went AWOL from Jump School. And he was willing to lie and take the blame so that Tara's family wouldn't have to live in the misery of not knowing. he said, because he thought Bo would never tell the truth. He was willing to give up the rest of his life to bring some kind of closure to the Grindstead family. Take one look at him, before this happened and compare it to when he was arrested. the guilt was literally killing him slowly. Thank God, for once, the justice system got it right.

May 26th

ebony e

I'm just not convinced he played such a lesser role.

May 25th
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The Trial of Ryan Duke: Part 5

The Trial of Ryan Duke: Part 5

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