DiscoverMarketing Against The GrainTimeless Marketing Advice from Seth Godin
Timeless Marketing Advice from Seth Godin

Timeless Marketing Advice from Seth Godin

Update: 2023-03-073


Authenticity is overrated.

Kipp and Kieran break down Seth Godin’s timeless advice on marketing. Learn why marketing has to be emotional (not logical), why you shouldn’t be authentic, why failure needs to be an option to succeed, why complexity kills businesses, why you need to be a learn-it-all, and so much more.



00:00 Favorite Seth quotes

00:15 Hubspot CMO Promotion

00:28 Intro

00:52 Timeless Advice from Seth Godin

01:16 Ads from the 1920’s/Gillette

01:38 Bitmoji

02:00 Using Bitmojis to describe data

02:24 Favorite advice from Seth

02:48 Difference between simple and dumb

03:32 Understanding the narrative

04:22 An important skill to learn

05:11 A meditation?!

06:24 Perfect Analogy

07:29 High Level of trust

07:56 Best Articulation of Marketing

08:22 How things are changing

09:40 Seth’s Arguments: Honest and Authentic

10:52 Positive Emotion

11:14 Failure is not an option

11:41 The best results

12:04 Another kind of thread to pull

12:56 Risk bucket

14:11 Surefire

14:55 Finding Growth

15:37 Get a Fresh Marketing Leader’s perspective

16:00 Kieran’s very controversial sweater

16:55 Know when to quit

18:28 Main argument

19:30 Bigger impact

19:55 Complexity kills businesses

20:10 Marketers make things better

21:04 Market’s job

22:16 Obsession in Learning

22:40 Build a growth mindset

23:05 Innovation

25:33 The #1 thing you hear from people

26:00 Changes

26:30 Hubspot marketing tactics

26:52 People change/Audience change

27:34 Outro

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Timeless Marketing Advice from Seth Godin

Timeless Marketing Advice from Seth Godin