DiscoverMommy Labor NurseUnderstanding Postpartum Psychosis with Erica Djossa
Understanding Postpartum Psychosis with Erica Djossa

Understanding Postpartum Psychosis with Erica Djossa

Update: 2023-07-03


This week on The Mommy Labor Nurse Podcast we have a very important and insightful episode for you. We'll be taking a deep dive into a topic that has sadly been coming up more and more in the national news and quite frankly deserves our attention: postpartum psychosis.

These news stories have shed light on the impact of postpartum psychosis and brought this issue to the forefront of our minds, highlighting the importance of awareness and understanding.

We'll be joined by my friend, past guest, and maternal mental health expert Erica Djossa, who will provide us with valuable insights, education, awareness, and support on this difficult topic.

In our discussion today, we aim to strike a balance between raising awareness and providing reassurance. We want to ensure that our listeners are well-informed about postpartum psychosis, its red flags, and preventive measures, but the goal is also not to fearmonger - this is a relatively rare condition!

Our expert guest will guide us through the signs and symptoms to watch out for, and we'll also delve into the role of partners and healthcare providers in supporting women who may be at risk. It's our hope that through this conversation, we can help foster a supportive environment for new moms and their families.

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Erica Djossa

Erica Djossa is a registered psychotherapist specializing in maternal mental health with over a decade of experience, and the founder of Momwell. As a mother of three rambunctious young boys, Erica understands first-hand the challenges of motherhood.

After her own battle with postpartum depression, Erica realized how difficult it is to seek support, care, and mental health services. She founded Happy as a Mother, which has now evolved into Momwell, to provide mom-centered virtual therapy services and mental health literacy for moms at every stage of their motherhood journey.

Erica is also a regular media contributor. Her work has been featured in the Toronto Star, Breakfast Television, Scary Mommy, Medium, Pop Sugar, and Romper. Her graphics have been shared by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Ashley Graham, Nia Long, Hilaria Baldwin, Christy Turlington and Adrienne Bosh.

Erica is passionate about maternal mental healthcare and putting moms back on the priority list.

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Understanding Postpartum Psychosis with Erica Djossa

Understanding Postpartum Psychosis with Erica Djossa

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