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Weightloss Coaching with Corinne

Weightloss Coaching with Corinne

Update: 2023-11-17


I've got a treat for you this week - you're getting a peek under the hood at what it's like to be a member of No BS.

On today's podcast, you'll listen in on one of the most popular weekly offerings within the membership: my Sunday coaching call. 

On Sundays, I coach women just like you on the problems they're running into with their weightloss. And it's shit like: 

"I've lost 30 pounds, but I'm struggling because I lost my job and it's a major blow to my self-esteem." 

"I'm a perfectionist and if I don't follow my plan perfectly, I fuck-it eat."

"I've lost 90 pounds with No BS, but now that I'm close to my goal, I'm losing and gaining the same 5 pounds."

Listen in for exactly how I coach these women on their struggles. 

This is the real work of weightloss. The 4 Basics are how you lose weight; coaching makes sure that you can DO THEM. 

That's why I created the No BS program. I was tired of the diet industry telling women they have to follow a bunch of complicated rules that are impossible in the real world.  

In No BS, I'll teach you how weightloss fits into your real life -- no perfection required. You'll get a small taste of how I do that in today's episode.

Listen to Episode 343: Weightloss Coaching with Corinne and see how I help you lose weight in a way that works for YOU.


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Weightloss Coaching with Corinne

Weightloss Coaching with Corinne