DiscoverHigh Browonline aesthetics, subcultures, and 'girl' internet (feat. evan collins)
online aesthetics, subcultures, and 'girl' internet (feat. evan collins)

online aesthetics, subcultures, and 'girl' internet (feat. evan collins)

Update: 2023-08-09


This is an extended version of the aesthetics episode that came out on Monday. Mina addresses your babygirlification concerns, shares audience experiences navigating online aesthetics, and includes insightful commentary from Evan Collins, co-founder of CARI (the Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute).

Take a look at the CARI website when you have the time!

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online aesthetics, subcultures, and 'girl' internet (feat. evan collins)

online aesthetics, subcultures, and 'girl' internet (feat. evan collins)

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