#45 How A Listener Fixed Her Struggling Relationship

#45 How A Listener Fixed Her Struggling Relationship

Update: 2019-04-28


Today on the Bad Girl's Bible we a joined by a very special listener named Jaime, who is here to tell us about how her and her husband turned their marriage around after some very tough times. Early into their new marriage, Jaime's husband started to experience some pretty serious health challenges and after his diagnosis and medical prescriptions became increasingly moody and difficult to be around.


This, in conjunction with Jaime's own health and anxiety issues, led to a very difficult time, emotionally and in the bedroom. It took a few drastic changes that happened around the time of a mortal scare for her husband to take the relationship back to a healthy place and into territory that Jaime never even dreamed of. Jaime takes us through their complete history, early dates and the proposal before getting into the troubled period.


She talks about how different things are now and the difference in connection she feels when they make love. For all this and much more, be sure to join us today!


Key Points From This Episode


  • Jaime's childhood, parents and the atmosphere at home.
  • The first day that her and her future husband met.
  • Proposal, the wedding and the early days of marriage.
  • Jaime's husband's health problems and the first diagnosis.
  • How the medication affected her husband's moods and their relationship.
  • Jaime's own health problems that she was experiencing at the same time.
  • The near death experience that turned her husband's life around.
  • Changing their sex life around and the effect of the Blowjob Bible.
  • How the challenges have strengthened their relationship.
  • The times that Jaime considered giving it up.
  • How Jaime's life has turned out differently to her expectations.
  • The role of her faith in helping her through tough times.
  • Advice from Jaime to listeners in similar situations.
  • And much more!



“That’s how he is now, he brushes off all the little things and doesn’t let him bother anymore.” —  Jaime [0:15:30 ]


“Sometimes it does take something life altering to make you decide that it’s time to change how you live your life and the way you treat other people.” — Jaime [0:16:58 ]

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#45 How A Listener Fixed Her Struggling Relationship

#45 How A Listener Fixed Her Struggling Relationship