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Airbnb: A House of Cards?

Airbnb: A House of Cards?

Update: 2022-04-062


Airbnb began with a humble idea — help people live like a local, with locals. Are they truly owning that, or is it time to pay the rent?

From their humble beginnings as a site for staying with locals, Airbnb has grown to an influential force that shapes the way millions of people live and travel globally. Today, they have 5.6 million listings in over 220 countries. 

In this episode, we explore Airbnb’s role in gentrification and housing shortages with activist Murray Cox, the founder of an independent data platform called Inside Airbnb. Then, we are joined by former New York City Councilman Ben Kallos and Executive Director of Jane Place, Veronica Reed to explore ways that Airbnb might take a new path. 


Murray Cox - Founder, Chief Data Activist, Inside Airbnb

Ben Kallos - Digital at USDS and former New York City Council Member

Veronica Reed - Executive Director at Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative

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Background Reading:

  • Learn more about how Murray Cox is using data to hold Airbnb accountable at Inside Airbnb.

  • Read about the law Ben Kallos wrote to force hosts of 38,000 Airbnbs to register with the city to make sure that every single one is safe and legal.

  • Read more about land trusts and Veronica Reed’s work at Jane Place.

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Paula Sun

this is similar to Uber, what started as a sharing ride turns into professional Uber services just like taxi.

Jan 11th








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Airbnb: A House of Cards?

Airbnb: A House of Cards?