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America: Is it only a dream?

America: Is it only a dream?

Update: 2022-03-164


The United States of America. What is its true purpose, and whose lives does it exist to serve? In this special episode, we take a look at the current state of one of the world’s most powerful purpose-led organizations.

This episode looks at one of the most powerful purpose-led organizations in the world: The United States of America. With polarization and animosity between the left and the right at record levels, is the American dream still alive? What needs to be done to make our shared purpose clear, inspiring, and true?

We ask a wide variety of people who identify as Americans, and one who does not, to weigh in. We reach across the political spectrum to hear different takes before having an in-depth discussion about potential solutions with former (and future?) presidential candidate, Andrew Yang.


Andrew Yang - Founder, Forward Party

Tatewin Means - Executive Director, Thunder Valley

David Safavian - General counsel, American Conservative Union Foundation

Adrian Bonenberger - Investigative Journalist

Jaeki Cho - Co-Owner, Alumni 

Mikaela Reid - Audio Producer, the New York Times 

Basil Soper - Podcast Researcher & Guest Curator, Calling Bullsh!t Podcast

Yvonne Clarke - Former law secretary 

Andrean Clarke - Public school teacher

Jonathan Craig - Pool Technician 

Penelope Soper - Middle-schooler 

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America: Is it only a dream?

America: Is it only a dream?