DiscoverToddlers Made Easy with Dr CathrynHow To Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty
How To Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

How To Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

Update: 2023-02-082


Did you know that setting limits for your little ones will let them know they are looked after and loved?

Most parents find it easy to love their kids and ensure they are happy and self-confident. Yet many struggle with setting and holding boundaries. 

Toddlers need boundaries to keep them safe and healthy and allow them to feel protected and secure in their world. Even though they are desperate for power, getting too much of it feels uncomfortable for toddlers. That’s why they often cannot cope when they get what they want. 

Parents need to understand that when their toddler cries for something, they are actually crying for help. Today, I look into why so many parents struggle with setting boundaries and explain why kids must have limits. 

Stay tuned to learn how to set boundaries in ways that will not leave you feeling guilty!

 Show highlights:

  • Why toddlers often cannot handle it when they get their own way.
  • How limits help children deal with difficult feelings.
  • Why do we need to allow kids to feel uncomfortable feelings?
  • How will setting limits empower children, improve their self-esteem, and free them to explore and enjoy their world?
  • Why is setting boundaries so hard for parents?
  • How to set limits for your children without feeling guilty.
  • How toddlers show that they are getting too much freedom.
  • How to talk to your child when setting limits or correcting their behavior.
  • How to apply the EASY game plan strategy to help with setting boundaries.
  • How to cope with pushback when setting boundaries.
  • What happens when you give in?
  • Why it is essential to set personal boundaries.   

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How To Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

How To Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilty

Dr. Cathryn