DiscoverHigh BrowR.I.P. Print Fashion Magazines (with Mi-Anne Chan)
R.I.P. Print Fashion Magazines (with Mi-Anne Chan)

R.I.P. Print Fashion Magazines (with Mi-Anne Chan)

Update: 2023-04-26


The director's cut version of Mina's The Life and Death of the Fashion Magazine video she published onto Youtube on Monday.

In this expanded edition, she shares listener stories, gives proper shout-outs to some 20th century woman EICs, dives into indie zines, and talks with Mi-Anne Chan, senior director of programming and creative development at Conde Nast (ooooh fancy), who shares valuable insight on today's digital fashion magazine industry.

Check out Mi-Anne's Mixed Feelings!

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“Fashion in the ‘Mercure’: From Human Foible to Female Failing by Reed Benhamou

Femininity and Consumption: The Problem of the Late Nineteenth-Century Fashion Journal by Christopher Breward

‘Making the Magazine’: Visuality, Managerial Capitalism, and the Mass Production of Periodicals, 1865—1890 by Vanessa Meikle Schulman

Reflecting and Shaping American Culture: Magazines Since World War II by David Abrahamson

Hypervisibility and Invisibility of Female Haafu Models in Japan’s Beauty Culture by Kaori Mori Want

What Happened to 50 Magazines Since the Pandemic Began – WWD 

Internet Crushes Traditional Media: From Print to Digital

Seventeen print magazine moving to digital first: The era of the teen mag is over

The Monthly Fashion Magazine Is No More

Selling Style I: The History of Fashion Marketing Through the 19th Century | Wilson College of Textiles

Fashion magazines: History of the biggest magazines - Vogue, ELLE & Co. - CM Models | Model Agency

The Birth of Fashion Magazines - JSTOR Daily

The Importance of Godey's Lady's Book on 19th c. Fashion History

The Influence of Fashion Magazines

The Evolution of Fashion Journalism from Print to Digital

History Of Magazines | When Were The First Magazines Invented?

The Gilded Age of Magazines | The Nation

“Americana.” Time, February 3, 1930

Godey's Lady's Book in the Accessible Archives

Godey’s Lady’s Audience: The Women of the Mid 19th Century – The History of the Book

The Power of Community: On the Radical History of Women's Magazines

Helen Gurley Brown: 10 Best Tips From ‘Sex and the Single Girl’

Helen Gurley Brown and the Birth of the Cosmo Girl | The New Yorker

Helen Gurley Brown dead: Assessing America’s most puritanical wild woman

The Magazine Business, From the Coolest Place to the Coldest One - The New York Times

The Assistant Economy - Dissent Magazine

Does the fashion industry still need Vogue in the age of social media?

Women’s magazines are dying. Will we miss them when they’re gone? - The Washington Post

America's print tabloid era is over

The Death of Newspapers and Magazines - CBS News

The Print Renaissance

Celebrate Punk Zines With the Musicians Who Created Them | Smithsonian Voices

Revolutionary PHL: Blankets, Beer, and Beef: Broadsides for Care of Military Bodies

History of Amateur Journalism

FIRE!! Devoted To Younger Negro Artists (1926) by POC Zine Project - Issuu

Get To Know The Little Magazines of The Harlem Renaissance

The Amazing Zines That Kicked Off Geek Fandom

Xerox factor. The short-lived graphic energy of punk fanzines and posters.

Music HerStory: Women, Zines, and Punk | Smithsonian Institution


Anna Wintour on the Future of Print, Hillary, and How She Feels About Her Reputation

Written by Mina Le, Ella Gray, and Sophie Carter

Edited by Sophie Carter

Music by Olivia Martinez

Cover by Lindsay Mintz 








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R.I.P. Print Fashion Magazines (with Mi-Anne Chan)

R.I.P. Print Fashion Magazines (with Mi-Anne Chan)

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