DiscoverToddlers Made Easy with Dr CathrynRidiculously Easy Ways To End Power Struggles
Ridiculously Easy Ways To End Power Struggles

Ridiculously Easy Ways To End Power Struggles

Update: 2023-05-313


Picture this: the breakfast table is set, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping. You've managed to get your three-year-old to sit down, ready to enjoy your first cup of coffee. But suddenly, their favorite pancakes have turned into the worst thing in the world, and they demand a bagel instead. The power struggle begins. 

Sound familiar? In this episode, we’re exploring the concept of the "pivot point," a crucial moment where you, as a mom, can choose to escalate or de-escalate the situation. 

As moms, we understand the desire for our children to listen and respect us. But instead of resorting to yelling or threats, I encourage you to sidestep the power struggles. Try using playfulness to inspire cooperation, and meeting your child where they are developmentally and emotionally. By engaging them with characters or playful challenges, you can lighten the mood, strengthen your bond, and reduce frustration! 

Join me as we dive deeper into handling power struggles with toddlers and discover ways to navigate these moments with empathy and connection. 

Remember, it's about turning challenging situations into opportunities for growth!

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Ridiculously Easy Ways To End Power Struggles

Ridiculously Easy Ways To End Power Struggles

Dr. Cathryn