DiscoverThe Tragedy AcademySpecial Guest: Michael Anthony - Think Unbroken
Special Guest: Michael Anthony - Think Unbroken

Special Guest: Michael Anthony - Think Unbroken

Update: 2022-01-17


In this episode of the Tragedy Academy, Jay brings trauma survivor and life coach, Michael Unbroken, on to the show. Michael is the host of his own podcast, “Think Unbroken”, where he invites experts, researchers, psychologists, and therapists to discuss healing from trauma and childhood PTSD. Michael himself is no stranger to this healing process. Growing up with two abusive parents, Michael was trapped in a nightmare familiar to many of his listeners. Having overcome his past to choose a brighter future of his own making, Michael hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Key Points

✊🏼 Taking Action

😬 Mistakes & the Human Experience

❤️‍🩹 Forgiveness vs. Letting Go

😱 Facing Fear

🧐 Finding Your True Self

📲 Are we in the matrix?

Episode Highlights

[1:47 ] - Jay introduces Michael Unbroken, host of the Think Unbroken podcast. In addition to sharing about his own experiences of overcoming trauma, Michael sees his podcast as an opportunity to bring on other experts and inspire people to begin their own healing journey. Michael focuses on bringing raw, real experiences to his show so his listeners see that they are not alone.

[6:14 ] - Michael explains that while he produces his podcast on mental health and healing, he’s never actually helped anyone change their life after trauma. This is because each person has their own individual responsibility to begin their healing journey. While Michael and his guest speakers may have built a roadmap for listeners, it is up to them to act and follow those instructions.

[13:31 ] - Is letting go just a valid option as forgiveness? Does forgiveness always bring emotional healing? Michael points out that some events in his childhood are hard to forgive, but he has let them go because they are not the things that he wants holding him down in life. 

[22:36 ] - Michael explains his worst fear: dying and being forced to watch a movie of his life - but all the things he didn’t do when he had the chance. While people may have the tendency to push off action until tomorrow, Michael urges listeners to overcome these fears and live the life they want now so they don’t have regrets later.

[26:57 ] - Jay asks Michael to explain a term that comes up a lot in his work: the vortex. The vortex is a space of negativity that some people are drawn into. This space prevents them from taking action, from taking care of their health, from pursuing their authentic selves.

[34:24 ] - As a biracial man, Michael has spent a great deal of time thinking about cultural and historical trauma, and how this trauma can be passed down over time. Michael believes that the energy of oppression and violence some groups have experienced in history can be transferred from generation to generation. This in turn combines with family systems that perpetuate trauma.

[38:51 ] - Michael agrees with Jay that sometimes service to others can be ego-driven, but argues that this shouldn’t be seen in a negative light. Rather than being humble about what we do for others or what achievements we have, Michael suggests that we should embrace the fact that these actions provide us benefits as well as others.

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Special Guest: Michael Anthony - Think Unbroken

Special Guest: Michael Anthony - Think Unbroken

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