Things I Learned on Summer Vacation

Things I Learned on Summer Vacation

Update: 2022-07-20


When was the last family vacation you took?  Was it memorable?  Enjoyable?  Full of stress and frustration?

Many of us as parents recognize that family vacations are not always truly "vacations."  Sometimes stressing over travel, food choices, sleep schedules, tantrums, or simply picking what to do when we get to our destination can lead to less-than-desirable memories.  

Last month my family and I traveled to North Carolina to spend a week at the beach with my parents, siblings, and nieces.  This involved air travel and spending time in the airport (not a fun situation at this current moment), coming up with food choices our boys would eat while there, anticipating arguments between who would be at the beach, be at the pool, or doing other activities, etc.  All of these scenarios could have led to arguments, disappointment, or more stress than when we aren't on vacation.  However, this summer I chose to approach things very differently.

Listen in this week as I discuss what I learned on this trip and how I plan to utilize that for the future.

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Things I Learned on Summer Vacation

Things I Learned on Summer Vacation

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