DiscoverToddlers Made Easy with Dr CathrynToddler Not Listening? Do This!
Toddler Not Listening? Do This!

Toddler Not Listening? Do This!

Update: 2023-03-223


Getting little ones to listen can drive parents to their wits' end! However, there are productive, practical, and pleasant ways of persuading kids to play along without bribing or bullying them.

Motivating your toddler to listen can be extremely frustrating, especially when you have an endless list of things to get done! It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and you may even find yourself ordering them around and expecting them to cooperate without question. 

Today, I explain why kids fail to listen from a developmental perspective. I share some helpful strategies for improving your little one's listening skills and offer tips to encourage them to do as you ask. 

Stay tuned to learn how to inspire your toddler to listen and cooperate without yelling or losing your cool.

Show highlights:

  • Why don't kids listen?
  • What toddlers realize about themselves as they begin to develop self-awareness and independence.
  • Some positive and acceptable ways toddlers can be allowed to exert their power.
  • What your toddler is telling you by not listening.
  • How to ask your little one to give up something they enjoy, to do something they consider no fun at all.
  • Why is it important to consider what it feels like when your kids do not listen to you?
  • A tip to help you manage your triggers.
  • Steps you can take to avoid feeling defeated or losing your temper when asking your child to do something.
  • Symptoms that may indicate your child needs to see a health care provider. 
  • Strategies to foster a sense of autonomy and motivate your toddler to listen.

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Toddler Not Listening? Do This!

Toddler Not Listening? Do This!

Dr. Cathryn