DiscoverToddlers Made Easy with Dr CathrynWhat You Need to Know About Over-Clingy Kids
What You Need to Know About Over-Clingy Kids

What You Need to Know About Over-Clingy Kids

Update: 2023-05-031


In this episode, we'll be talking about an issue that we know all too well: dealing with clingy toddlers. We like to call this the snuggle struggle! As both a pediatrician and a mom, I understand how frustrating and emotionally exhausting it can be when your little ones seem to be attached to you at all times. And guess what? You're not alone in this. In a recent Instagram poll, 70% of parents described their toddlers as super-clingy.

If you're tired of your little one pulling at your clothes every time you try to go to the washroom or if you're hoping to get some space during an arts and crafts project only to have your little one want to sit on your lap, then you already know how confusing and challenging it can be to have an overly-clingy toddler. Having a little one constantly attached to you can be emotionally draining.

We’re taking a look at a real-life example of mom Sophie’s story and how she managed her 3-year-old daughter Chelsea’s suffocating clinginess. Stay tuned to hear what you can do to help your little ones through this developmental phase! 

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What You Need to Know About Over-Clingy Kids

What You Need to Know About Over-Clingy Kids

Dr. Cathryn