DiscoverThe Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish#163 Jason Karp: Live A Healthier Life
#163 Jason Karp: Live A Healthier Life

#163 Jason Karp: Live A Healthier Life

Update: 2023-04-043


Jason Karp was living what he thought was a successful life in his 20s. He graduated near the top of his class from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and was well on his way to becoming a successful hedge fund manager. But when he noticed a series of health issues cropping up - including the frightening diagnosis that he would go blind by the age of 30 - he made a series of life-altering decisions focused on his health and wellness. On this episode Karp dives deep into the changes he made that saved his life, and offers valuable insights into what you can do to live a healthier life.

Karp is the Founder and CEO of HumanCo., a private holding company that invests in and builds brands focused on healthier living and sustainability, including Snow Days, Cosmic Bliss, and Against The Grain. He also co-founded Hu Products and Hu Kitchen, and Hu is now one of the fastest growing snacking companies in the U.S. with a strict focus on transparent, simple ingredients to help everyone live a healthier life. Prior to founding Hu, Karp was the founder  CEO of Tourbillon Capital Partners, an investment fund that managed over $4 billion.


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#163 Jason Karp: Live A Healthier Life

#163 Jason Karp: Live A Healthier Life