DiscoverStarting Advantage - Practical tips on how to start a business for the new entrepreneurPublic Relations 101 for Founders / Business Growth / with Jonathon Narvey
Public Relations 101 for Founders / Business Growth / with Jonathon Narvey

Public Relations 101 for Founders / Business Growth / with Jonathon Narvey

Update: 2021-06-14


Public relations, or PR, is a helpful tool that founders can use as a force multiplier to build credibility and increase their reach.

What does it mean to have a force multiplier for your business? Find out in this podcast episode. You will hear from, you will hear from a public relations expert, Jonathon Narvey, about his entrepreneurial journey and how to grow your business faster through PR strategies, whether you have the budget to hire a PR firm or want to find DIY inspiration.

Jonathon Narvey is the Founder & CEO of Mind Meld PR Inc. As a reporter covering the tech scene, he learned the craft of storytelling. Now in PR, Jonathon and his team use those skills to earn media coverage for innovative tech companies.

Mind Meld PR is a Public Relations Agency in Vancouver, B.C., serving clients in the USA and Canada. They work with innovative startups and scale-ups in SaaS, AI, EdTech, HealthTech, CleanTech, FinTech, and more.

"Public Relations is a subset of marketing that is a force multiplier for your overall marketing. So actually PR is not, absolutely not, the first thing that your company would invest in ... Once you've got some traction, you got some money ... now you can throw money at PR and this is going to be the force multiplier. It's the pouring gas on the fire that you've already lit and helping you scale up quicker." - Jonathon Narvey

We discuss in this episode with Jonathon:

  • Why Jonathon believes there are two reasons why people become entrepreneurs and why he chose entrepreneurship. (4:31
  • How Jonathon started his entrepreneurial journey by relying on key relationships and people in his life. (6:28 )
  • How a touch technique from Star Trek became a metaphor for Jonathon's business. (8:36 )
  • Why it’s important to go after a niche and how Jonathon found his for Mind Meld PR. (10:29 )
  • What public relations involve. (12:25 )
  • The business benefits of PR. (14:24 )
  • The difference between marketing, advertising, and PR. (15:03 )
  • How social media fits into a PR strategy. (16:46 )
  • How to choose stories about your business if you want DIY PR. (18:26 )
  • Jonathan’s advice on what you can do right now to make your business stand out. (21:11 )
  • Why PR remains an effective strategy despite a growing trend to mistrust the media. (24:53 )
  • How a shift from the big players in the media to alternative media opens up more opportunities for founders. (27:12 )
  • What Jonathon predicts for the future of PR post-pandemic. (28:07 )
  • Jonathan’s tips on having conversations and managing expectations with clients. (30:34 )
  • The communication habits Jonathon and his team use to connect, plan and improve. (33:11 )
  • What Jonathon has observed after years of interviewing successful tech entrepreneurs. (35:13 )

Full show notes, the transcript, resources, and how you can connect with Jonathon, can be found here:

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Public Relations 101 for Founders / Business Growth / with Jonathon Narvey

Public Relations 101 for Founders / Business Growth / with Jonathon Narvey