DiscoverSomething Was WrongS14 E7: This is a Dog That Bites
S14 E7: This is a Dog That Bites

S14 E7: This is a Dog That Bites

Update: 2022-12-0114


*Content warning: child abuse, emotional, sexual and physical violence.

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Claire Voyant

Trigger warnings should include child abuse by the mother by subjecting her child knowingly and repeatedly to a monster.

Dec 5th


tears in my eyes, because a single judge has integrity and a functioning brain. but I have to disagree with the mom here: effing abusive dude IS capable of "being better". He is enabled and empowered to be a monster, and chooses to be one because it is fun for him. women voluntarily feed themselves to him even though he is known to be a monster. Cops speak out on his behalf, because they have all empathy for a monster and zero empathy, apparently, for a little two year old girl. Lawyers are willing to embarrass themselves in Court, in front of witnesses, colleagues and Judges, on his behalf. And come on. The guy may be manipulative -- but if the Cops, the Courts, and the entire female population of Washington are doing whatever this guy wants no matter what he does, then there is something wrong with EVERYTHING. If things were not this wrong and unbalanced in the world, then this guy would not be able to work the system so easily, get away with abusing children so easily, and have access to an endless supply of women.

Dec 2nd








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S14 E7: This is a Dog That Bites

S14 E7: This is a Dog That Bites